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The First Blue Sky Series Low-Carbon Energy Station of CIMC was Successfully Launched


The first Blue Sky series low-carbon energy station, SL1500, developed by CIMC Enric's subsidiary, CIMC Enric Energy Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shanghai Energy Systems Company"), has recently been successfully launched. It will be used in the ferroalloy gas power generation project in Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is estimated that the generating capacity of SL1500 can reach 1,200 KWH and the annual carbon reduction per unit can reach 8,048 tons.


This significant breakthrough marks another milestone of CIMC Enric in promoting green energy development and achieving energy saving and emission reduction goals.

Ferroalloy gas, also known as furnace off gas, is a toxic and harmful combustible gas generated during the high-temperature smelting process of ferroalloy, mainly composed of carbon monoxide. It is an unconventional combustible gas. Applying ferroalloy gas to power generation can effectively reduce gas resource waste, increase the supply of clean energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Against the background of "peak-carbon and carbon-neutral", the most effective ways for ferroalloy companies to reduce emissions and energy consumption are controlling energy consumption per unit, reducing industrial gas emissions, and utilizing ferroalloy gas for power generation.

Ulanqab City is the largest cluster for the ferroalloy industry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the largest producer of ferroalloy in China. Under the trend of "carbon neutrality", the ferroalloy industry is accelerating energy saving and carbon reduction through process technology and equipment upgrades.

The ferroalloy gas power generation project in Ulanqab City is expected to have an annual power generation capacity of 859 million KWH. The project plans to purchase 45 SL1500 units from CIMC Enric. It is estimated that carbon emissions will be reduced by 20% after completion.

It is understood that the generating capacity of SL1500 can reach 1,200 KWH when the gas source is ferroalloy gas. At the same time, the equipment can also achieve energy saving and emission reduction effects through combined heat and power generation. If a large amount of waste heat (unit heat dissipation and high-temperature flue gas) generated during power generation is recovered and utilized, both power generation and heating can be achieved. The annual carbon reduction per unit of SL1500 can reach 8,048 tons.

The SL1500 can be applied widely. For example, it can be used for data centers, industrial enterprises and industrial park power supply in the field of industrial energy conservation; serve as a district energy center, providing combined cooling, heating, and power generation for hospitals, commercial complexes and five-star hotels in the field of building energy conservation; provide combined cooling, heating, power generation, and carbon supply for glass greenhouses in the field of agricultural energy conservation.

Industrial gas power generation can improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce energy costs, and decrease environmental pollution, achieving cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. This progress also aligns with the trend of national and global energy transformation, providing strong support for regional energy structure transformation and upgrading. In the future, CIMC Enric will continue to focus on the research and innovation of low-carbon energy technologies and contribute to the high-quality development of green electricity.

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